You are Not Alone

There have been days when I have struggled to find anything to be happy about. I’m sure this qualifies as depression, and I think at some point everyone experiences it to varying degrees. During these low points, it was hard to find anyone who understood me. Family and friends would remind me that I had so much to be thankful for, and they were right–I did. Unfortunately, “things to be thankful for” are not at the top of the mind of a person who feels hopeless and alone. So, eventually I stopped sharing what I was feeling and began to suffer in silence.

Even now, there are people in your circle, who are suffering in silence. These are the people who smile through the pain, holding others up with their own strength. You call, and they listen intently and celebrate enthusiastically. They are loyal, they are kind, they are supportive, and they are sad.

They may not tell you they are grieving, but they will sometimes give subtle hints in hopes that for once, someone will notice that they are not okay.

It took me years in and out of counseling to work through my feelings of sadness and despair, and still there are days when I’m overwhelmed with sadness. Thankfully, I have learned coping strategies that have helped me to shift my thoughts from despair to gratitude and contentment. It is not easy overcoming feelings of hopelessness, but there is hope for you.

If I, who literally spent years depressed, can overcome it and gain a positive outlook on life, you can do it to. In your darkest moments, remember you are not alone. There is someone, somewhere also in the throws of despair, and there is also someone, somewhere sending you light and love. You are not alone.


Need support? Call a grief hotline (After Loss: 800-423-8811), or try these books..

If you ever need anonymous support, please use the “contact us” section of the website, and I will be here.

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