On the Other Side of Failure

Yes, my theme is “stop failing at life,” and yes I am about to tell you how failure is actually an important part of your growth process. Contradictory, I know, but I’m going somewhere with this.

The one thing the great entrepreneurs/creators/inventors of the world shared, is that they all failed at something. They were called stupid, told they lacked imagination or created a product that failed a thousand times, and yet they became household names. That is because in the right context, failure is a gift!

Most people fail and then get discouraged and either give up or try something else. The latter is what you should always move toward, because the only time you fail, is when you fail to try. I don’t care how many times an idea doesn’t work, don’t give up. Look for solutions to the problem, try different strategies to see what works. If none of it works, then that may not be the right project for you. Challenge yourself to embrace failure for what it really is– a push in the right direction.

Instead of sulking when things don’t go your way, embrace it and have a “can-do” attitude. Trust that every failure is somehow pushing you closer and closer to your true destiny. Let it be your guide. One day you’ll look back and be so grateful for the things that didn’t work out, once you realize that you’re much better off with the things that did.

I have had my fair share of failures, and I can admit that I am grateful for those things. I developed resilience and a level of confidence that I needed in order to be successful in the future. So, I say to you, embrace failure. It, (whatever it is) didn’t work out. It failed. That’s okay. What’s next?

I’ll see you on the other side.

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