Learning to Let Go

Letting go of things I want is the hardest thing for me to do. I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. It’s so hard, that I’d be willing to try almost anything in order to get what I want.
This isn’t because I’m not a quitter, it’s mostly because I truly think the thing I’ve set my sights on will make me happy.

Despite my level of determination, there are times when things don’t work out no matter how hard I try. In those times, the perceived loss of what “could” lead to great happiness is devastating.

Over the years I have learned that this type of experience is a lesson in letting go. There are many variables that bring us to the conclusion that something will make us happy, but there are also variables we don’t see.

We may not see the stress that comes with the new job, or the layoff six months down the road.
We may see everyone around us smiling and “happy” in relationships, but we don’t see their life behind the scenes.

So while there may be valid reasons for you to want what you want, there may also be more Divine reason for you not to receive it.

You may really want it and it may seem wonderful, but it may not be wonderful for you. Don’t you ultimately want the career, the car, the spouse, the home, the whatever, that’s best for you?

Trust Life, and trust your own intuition. Let go, and go with the flow of life. It may just lead you to the life you’ve always wanted!

Having trouble going with the flow? Take a few minutes a day to meditate and internally ask, “what is best for me? What should I do?” and then go about your day, expecting that the right answer will come, and be willing to accept whatever it is.

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