If I Knew Then….

Hey, I’m going to share a secret that I wish someone had shared with me years ago. This simple, yet powerful truth could have saved me years of frustration, heartache, and disappointment. Although no one thought this truth important enough to share with me, I will gladly and freely share this truth with you. The one thing you need to know in the midst of life’s struggles, is:

Get. The. Lesson. That’s it, just get the lesson!

What lesson you ask? It’s simple, get whatever lesson life is trying to teach you at the moment. I believe that life is constantly allowing situations to manifest in an effort to help us grow. We need to be intuitive enough to pick up on the cues that are trying to guide our expansion. I remember a time when I hated social interaction and public speaking, and would avoid it at all costs. As luck would have it, I continued to be offered positions in which I would be required to interact with diverse groups of people in public settings.


I tried to resist it, but life was attempting to help me grow by moving me beyond my level of comfort. Eventually, I took the time to evaluate my goals and determine how important social interaction and public speaking were to my success. My desire to work in management, and eventually own my own business, were the catalysts that pushed me to “get the lesson.” During that time in my life, the lesson was that I needed to learn to be more personable and confident in order to be successful. So, I made a conscious decision to be more friendly, personable and engaging. I even forced myself to accept public speaking engagements in order to overcome my fear. I have since started my own real estate business and have competed at Pitch Day for a coding competition. These are things that I never would never have done before.

I am thankful that I finally stopped to pay attention to the things that were happening around me, and became open to the idea that I could and should make a change for the better.

Is there something in your life that continues to manifest over and over again? It could be health issues, relationship issues, financial issues, etc. If so, it may be time for you to really take the time to analyze those situations and decided if it’s meant to help you grow in some way. Now, keep in mind that your growth may not feel good. Sometimes growth requires us to leave people, places or situations behind.

In the above scenario, I was able to grow as a businessperson because of that particular lesson, but there have also been lessons that were painful to go through, such as leaving a relationship behind. Whether your growth is positive, or a growing pain, it will be worth it in the end. So, get the lesson, no matter how difficult.

Here are a few steps to help you get the lesson:

  1. Identify the areas that make you uncomfortable, yet keep appearing in your life.
  2. Ask yourself why you are uncomfortable, then ask yourself could changing your response improve your life.
  3. If you determine that you could benefit from the change, identify the steps you would need to take to implement the changes.
  4. Keep trying different approaches until you find the one that works best for you.
  5. Decide and be ready to let go completely if the situation warrants it.
  6. Remember the experience and let it be your guide.



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